De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters

De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters

Quality Men’s Clothing in Mossel Bay Garden Route

De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters has clothed many men and scholars in Mossel Bay as well as the whole of the Garden Route over the past few years. We are one of the largest men’s clothing stores in the Garden Route and offer a large range of quality men’s wear as well as school wear for the Mossel Bay schools. We also stock Jeep-, Sterling-, Swagg clothing and other popular brands. De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters offers an alterations service to the public, any alterations welcome. We offer larger sizes of clothing up to 10 XL and shoes up to size 16. De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters

Men’s Formal Evening and Day Clothing in Mossel Bay Garden Route

Finding the ideal suit for any Formal Event or work is hassle free when visiting De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters in Mossel Bay. We stock a range of suits and blazers and gives expert advice and assistance to all our clients. And more, we can do alterations for you without any trouble. Get your tie, shoes and other accessories under the same roof. De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters

School clothing in Mossel Bay Garden Route

We offer a range of school clothing for schools in the Mossel Bay area. Come and get all your school wear and accessories from De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters. We offer a range of Blazers, Dresses, Drymacks, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Shirts, Short Sleeve Jerseys, Skirts, Socks, Ties, Trousers and School Shoes. We are situated across the road from the Dutch Reformed Church in Mossel Bay. De Ville’s Men’s Outfitters